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Post by Guest on Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:31 pm

Romance Tail Forum Rules

This are some rules you will have to agree on when making the account. Existing members will agree to this rule by keeping their account. Guest posters will also follow the rules when posting or guest posting will be disabled. Anyone that is found breaking them will receive appropriate punishment.
These rules apply in the forum, some may differ in the sub-sections so please inform yourself about the rules in the sub-sections you visit.
As we are a quite young forum at this point we are test-running the rules, so please check for changes regularly. The name of the thread will be modified to add the date of the latest update.

1. No double accounts.
Explanation: Having more than one account. HAVING, not USING. If you have an account you no longer use it is not an excuse to make another one, neither is not liking your username anymore. For name changing contact an administrator (Luna Azul, Laura Torres, ɢɨɳ ★ ).
Punishment: Banning the user for 2 weeks the first time, if done again then 1 month or permanent.

2. No bashing.
Explanation: We do not permit any form of bashing and hating here (manga characters, users, flaming other posts etc.) This includes Fairy Tail, Nakama power and Hiro Mashima,the author of Fairy Tail.
Punishment: After the third slip the administrator will decide on the punishment which is either changing the username into something embarrassing or a ban for 2 weeks.The changing of the username will be after 3 warnings.The names will be something like Hornygirl and ♥♥Ichiya_Fangirl♥♥ for 2 weeks. But will be modified according to the member. After that the user will be banned for 2 weeks if he/she still doesn't follow the rules.

*This rule will also apply to the chatroom.

3. No double posting
Don't double posting, use the Edit button.
Punishment: Same as in bashing :P
The threads under the Corner Forums section are exempted from this rule.

4.For signature size.
We trust you know when its too big, put it under spoilers. Don’t make us tell you to or remove it. But keep it as close to 450x250 as you can.

5. Large images or post.
If you have large images or if your post is a giant wall of text please use spoilers.

6. Spoilers.
If you have information to share which other members might not want to hear (Like Mashima's notes in the FT-tankobon) please use spoiler-tags. You don’t have to if the users are warned in the first post or thread name. Please refrain from writing spoiler information into the thread name or description.

*This rule wil also apply to the chatroom

7. Adult content:This is a forum for all ages, the Pervy Forum is there for a reason, take it there. Posting adult content outside of this forums will result in suspension of account.

*This rule will also apply to the chatroom.

8. No duplicate threads
Explanation: Please refrain from creating threads with similar/same content as already existing threads as this helps to keep the forum in a neat state.
Punishment: We will change your avi to a pic of Ichiya's Balls in colour.

9. Foreign languages A sentence or two in a foreign language is fine, but conversations belong in a forum.

10. Racism, discrimination and homophobia.
We do not accept any form of racism, discrimination and homophobia here.

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Re: Forum Rules

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:58 pm

*side coment not double posting*
"The users who speak the German language are an exception and don’t need to follow this rule. "

Sorry guys had to remove it :'D TRolls....I can't believe that was there for hours...

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